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Powered by Personify e-Business

Powered by Personify360 e-Business

Personify360 e-Business is a comprehensive Web self-service suite of e-commerce, publishing and site administration applications that provides great constituent experiences across your global Internet presence. Built on the same high-performance platform and database as the rest of Personify360, our e-Business solution provides a consistent experience across the full spectrum of contact points.



Personify360 e-Business saves you development time and expense, while enabling you to:

  • Quickly and easily extend your business to the Web –easily “drop” functionality onto your Web pages with a series of extensible e-business modules that can add search, shopping carts, member listings, portal pages, and much more to your Web site.
  • Gain control over your Web content – by incorporating simple, intuitive Web publishing tools, Personify360 e-Business allows your staff to publish content to the Web whenever necessary. This helps eliminate Webmaster bottlenecks and stale, error-ridden content.
  • Empower your constituents to serve themselves – the Personify360 e-Business Suite incorporates powerful Web self-service capabilities that allow your customers to easily join your organization, sign up for meetings, make a donation, manage their profiles and more, at any time, from anywhere. Personify360 e-Business allows organizations to provide 24/7 customer service without additional staffing expense.
  • Provide a consistent member experience – Personify360 e-Business enables consistent service across multiple channels of interaction. Tight integration with the rest of the Personify360 system allows users to see their latest information and status based on the full range of touch points. In addition, Single Sign-On provides a seamless Web experience across Personify360 and other third party systems. It allows users to log on to your Web site once and gain secure, ready access to all related Web sites.
Supports the management of a call for abstracts process, submissions of abstracts, management of evaluation teams and the scoring of the submissions
Allows an existing customer in Personify to create a Web account using either a Personify360 Customer ID or full name and email. This information is matched against the Personify360 database to locate a unique customer record
Allows customers to modify comments for displayed transcripts or add additional records to the Personify360 database on the fly
Display large meetings with additional customer tools such as a search for sessions by track, build a meeting agenda, and download this to Outlook
Manage advanced shipping needs to allow customers to ship different products within a single order to different addresses, via different shipping methods
Assign responsibility for a collection of customers to a super-user associated with that account. This is particularly useful for chapters, committees or corporate trade association members. When a designated contact logs into e-Business, they can purchase products, pay for membership renewals, and perform other customer record management functions on behalf of other individuals. They can also easily print a roster, email the group and add new members
Presented to users when they select a meeting or session that has one or more badges associated with it. The customer can preview the information and update names, nicknames and company information if necessary. Guest badges are also provided
Allows customers to visualize the organization’s meeting schedules via the Web. Meeting products set up in Personify360 back office display in the calendar. Customers can then click the meeting product to be taken to the product detail page where the customer can then purchase that meeting or session product
Allows users to view details of available certification programs, monitor their progress in the program and print a copy (unofficial) if necessary
Add this link to any page to allow users to select from a list of currencies. Updates take effect immediately so customers can browse the site and purchase items in the currency that they have selected
Allows customers with affiliate management rights to see or edit committee membership information
Displays a listing of the current users’ communication methods such as phone, fax, email address, etc. The module also allows users to add and edit different phone numbers, fax numbers, and email addresses for their homes, businesses, cell phones, etc
Notify users via e-mail and direct them to a link to the page containing the Create User Web Module where they can set up their Web user information after a customer account has been activated
Create Web user accounts for customers, then email them a URL to a page with this module, which asks for an activation code (or name and email address, to retrieve the activation code and email it ). The activation code identifies the customer’s record in Personify360 and grants them access to the website
The Customer Address Web Module allows customers to review, add or modify their address(es), as well as designate shipping preferences for purchases made through the site. The module can be configured to include bad addresses, allow status changes, include a company lookup, and display 3rd party address validation messages (if available)
Allows organizations to gather personal demographic information from members through the Website and update member demographic information stored in Personify360 for Individuals, Companies and Committees
Allows users to choose the type of communications they would like to receive from the organization, based on pre-defined choices. They can also opt out of certain communications
Allows organizations to present certain pieces of a customer’s demographic information for review, and choose whether or not the customer has permission to edit those pieces of information. For instance, prefix, suffix, credentials, social security number, gender, birth date, income range, etc
Prompts new users for sufficient detail to create a customer record via the Web. Users navigate to this page from the Login module. The registration module can be configured to allow company lookup, if desired, and create segment records
Allows customers to download the digital content products they have purchased. The module can be placed on whatever page customers are most likely to use to gain access to their digital content purchases; e.g. within their profile, on the page that displays order history, and/or on a page following checkout
Allows users to add products to the Personify360 shopping cart from third-party vendors. Any products, including those not in the Personify360 database, can be added to the shopping cart from any of the organization’s affiliated vendor sites
Can be set up to search virtually any data available in the Personify360 API, allowing you to build searchable product, member, committee, staff, and other lists – tailored to various audiences, if desired
Allows users to send emails to customers or members in the database
Allows customers to add emergency contact information to their Personify record
Allows a user logged in as an affiliate manager to edit or view employment relationship details
The entry point for customers, hosts, or administrators that wish to log on to the application
Used by customers selecting the ‘forgot password’ link. The email that is sent to them contains the URL for the page that contains this module
Displays a searchable list of members
Enables a flexible membership renewal process that allows online users to review their proforma membership renewal orders, modify them (based on the organization’s and Personify360’s business rules), and add related items before proceeding to Checkout
A “light” version of the Shopping Cart Web Module. This Web Module simply displays the number of items in the user’s shopping cart and the current subtotal for those items. Can appear in a side menu as a useful reminder
Allows administrators to add an additional portal, or Website, to their Personify360 e-Business application
Allows each organization to determine how to display the account page
Provides users with a list of their donations based on a specified period of time or a specific donation type
Displays a list of meetings (either upcoming or all) that the user has purchased. It also displays links that allow customers to view an agenda and/or hotel reservation information for each meeting
Displays a user’s current meeting and session registrations. Once registered for a meeting, the complete agenda appears in Personify360 via the My Meeting Agenda Web Module
Lists memberships for the current member. It can be configured to show active or all memberships. This module also can be setup to allow users to renew their memberships from the Web
Is used to display the total order balance for a customer logged in to Personify360 e-Business. The module provides customers with a reminder that an outstanding balance exists and provides an immediate payment option
The My Orders Web Module acts as a search panel that allows users to look up any existing or processed orders
Allows Web users to view their transcript information in either summary or detail form
Allows customers to make donations to a fundraising product without having to log-on to the Website. This provides a simple gift collection where the amount, contact information and credit card number are collected in one step
Determines next steps when a customer selects a product for purchase. If desired, this step can be configured so customers check out from this page (a ‘one click’ approach), or it can lead to the standard Personify360 e-Business shopping cart and checkout

Collects shipping and payment information, and commits the order. It can accept coupons if desired, and promotional (discount) codes per order or per line.

If a credit card is used to pay, the preauthorization is processed from this module. The module can be configured to accept electronic checks and/or ‘bill me’ as well

Once a customer places an order and validates it, Personify360 e-Business displays a summary of the order. This includes information such as the product, shipping method, shipping address, and payment details
The Pay Orders Web Module is used for renewals, paying for orders that the customer has not yet paid for, and/or paying the remaining balance of an order
Provides the ability to print the roster for an affiliate group
Displays product details, including subsystem-specific information, e.g. meeting badges, components, digital content download terms, and user-defined donation amounts. Cross-sell/up-sell capabilities can also be defined. Template-driven, it allows customers to define the user experience based on product types or other attributes
Lists products by class, category, or subcategory
Indexes the entire product catalog, allowing users to search for specific products in the production system
Displays the product catalog and serves as the centerpiece of a Web store’s navigational user experience
Allows administrators to set the look and feel of their products on the Website
Shows one, all or a subset of renewable products
Allows organizations to display BusinessObjects reports on their Websites. This provides significant power, particularly for staff, committee and member only areas, by directly leveraging data managed in Personify through the flexible Webi report interface
Users selecting the ‘Forgot Password’ link, users are led to this module, which can be configured to require username, email address or both, as well as a security question. When a match is found in the database, an email is sent to the address on file, which contains a reset password link
A holding area where customers can place items they wish to buy from the online store. The cart includes navigation options for so users can continue shopping, review details about a product in the cart, login, and/or check out. The module can also be configured so meeting registrants can update their badges or sessions. When the customer is ready to complete their purchase, they navigate from the cart to the checkout page
Subscriptions detail, listings, related items and My Subscriptions
Allows users to download VCard information to Outlook or to a mobile phone
Allows a customer to put items into a wish list that is separate from their shopping cart. These items can then be purchased at a later date


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